2 vintage 30's for a Scumback BM75

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2 vintage 30's for a Scumback BM75

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After some critical listening I'm left very convinced that a Scumback BM75 is going to suite the genre's best within the classic rock bands I'm playing in.

I have both a well broken in V30 that came in my buddy's amp (Carvin V3M combo) that he donated to me for a JCM800 2204 build, and I also have a V30 that came out of my Bogner Alchemist as soon as I bought it. So, that V30 is a 10 year old un-used V30 that has been in a box in my music room.

You can have both for a Scumback BM75.

Let me know how I can help.
Thanks and Best,
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