question about using a D'lator in a loop-switcher

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question about using a D'lator in a loop-switcher

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Hi all. Been a while. This is mostly theoretical so please forgive the ramble.

I'm reorganizing a pedalboard for a homebrewed HC-30 head. I only put the passive loop on the triode channel. The board has a Boss ES-5 loop-switcher. I play clean enough that putting time-based effects on the end of the front-of-amp chain isn't really an issue. Since this is the drawing-board stage, I thought I'd use some pixels seeing what's possible. I can also run those two pedals in a 4-cable arrangement. The switcher has optional buffers on both sides of all five sends and returns.

If I decided I wanted to put my spare D'lator in there that would be easy enough if I step on the pedals separately, not the end of the world. My question is if anyone has figured-out how to get that function all on the switcher. With the Dumbleator plugged into the amp, it is essentially make-or-break between the preamp and phase inverter. The pedals can be switched between true-bypass and buffered-bypass but cutting inside the switcher kills the power amp. I suppose I could wire the D'lator in parallel (I've also got an X-Blender somewhere in the bin).

At any rate, there are lots of potential paths, all of which have issues. Better is to ask if anyone here has done this. Thanks for looking, Skip
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